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Meet the Balanced K9 Academy Team



The love, care and attention to detail that Nick shows to his dogs is beyond impressive. There is no better example of what a good strong, clear-headed sport dog is than his infamous and certified K9, Renzo. Nick’s passion for dogs goes back to his first dog as a child and only intensified after his military service where he worked alongside some of the most impressive military dogs that walk the planet. What initially began as a therapeutic practice quickly evolved into a borderline obsession that has led Nick into the K9 and dog sport worlds as a NePoPo Gold trainer. He is a talented handler and trainer with over a decade of experience in a broadly diverse array of canine disciplines.

Nick has trained dogs for various agencies including TSA, USDA and CBP (Border Patrol). In addition to raising and training several dogs for police work, Nick has also conducted training seminars for various police departments in several states.

Competing in Protection Sport Competitions has become a mainline focus for Nick and his dogs. Nick served an honorable 5 years in the United States Marine Corps infantry and is the Veteran owner of Balanced K9 Academy.

Bookkeeping & Promotions


Patricia, Nick’s wife, handles all of the bookkeeping and social media promotion for Balanced K9 Academy.

Lead Dog Trainer


Becca is a native of Southeastern Louisiana with deep family roots in the training of hunting and retrieving dogs. While living in New Orleans she took apprenticeship as a dog groomer. When her journey brought her to Huntsville, Alabama she was hired on at Bite Ranch K9 as a kennel tech while apprenticing under Nick Morrow to become an excellent, well-rounded dog trainer that has since been professionally training dogs in pet obedience and behavioral modification for fearful and aggressive dogs for more than three years.

In addition to her dog training, Becca brings adept managerial expertise garnered from years of running various corporate retail businesses. Her unique background and diverse skillsets make her an invaluable addition to the Balanced K9 Academy team as both a lead trainer with managerial capacity and customer support.

Behavioral Modification Specialist


Heather is a Michigan native that has never known a life without dogs. Growing up she participated in sled dog racing (mushing) where she ran a team of 12 dogs across vast diverse landscapes. 25 years ago she began her foray into dog rescue with Del Harvey and the Best of Friends Humane Society under the tutelage of canine behaviorist Lynn Ordiway. This led her to foster countless dogs, giving many on the euthanasia lists a second chance at life in new homes. In addition to dogs, Heather has rehabilitated multitudes of animals in wildlife to include wolves and wolf hybrids. Heather is truly an advocate for those without a voice and has never met a creature she couldn’t love. Heather is also a FEMA certified Search and Rescue handler and has run a cadaver canine on live (not training) missions. She has been expanding her training toolkit under the instruction of Nick Morrow for more than five years and enjoys training her Belgian Malinois for dog sport competitions. Heather is our premier specialist for our Behavioral Modification program to help dogs that struggle with fear and aggression challenges.




1001 Ryland Pike, Unit H, Huntsville AL, 35811