Drop-Off Dog Training

Training your family pet takes a lot of time and energy, which are two things we don’t always have. We all live busy lives, but your dog still requires ample attention and guidance in order to correct some of their problematic behaviors. At Balanced K9 Academy, we understand that working in the training time you need on your own can be difficult. That’s why we offer drop-off dog training services to help you give yourself and your dog an advantage. Here’s what you need to know.

Our Dog Training Day Camp

Not every dog owner wants to board their beloved companion for several days at a time for training. So, we’ve created an option where you have the best of both worlds: access to an experienced dog trainer by day and your dog home with you at night. Our drop-off obedience training for dogs features the same things they would learn in our boarding classes. This includes obedience fundamentals, as well as basic commands. Your dog will get all the care and playtime they need too to make for a productive and fun day away from home.

We believe that there’s always time to make your dog a well-adjusted member of your household.

This day training for dogs will set a solid groundwork for you while you go about the rest of your routine.

Follow-Up Lessons

Best of all, our dog training day camp features a private follow-up lesson with you and your pup after finishing the two-week training period. These meetings discuss the overall progress of your dog, demonstrate what they’ve learned, and inform you of the work to continue at home. While getting your dog on the right behavioral track might seem like an uphill climb, we want to give you every possible edge in that fight.

Contact us today to learn more about our drop-off dog training services. Or, if this isn’t right for you, read up on some of our other training and boarding offerings. We’ll find the perfect fit for your pet, routine, and family.




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