Paying It Forward

Each year Balanced K9 Academy strives to donate a service dog to a veteran in need...

Ruck For Riders 2017

A ruck is a walk or march with a weighted backpack or “rucksack”. No rucking experience required – beginners and all experience levels welcome! Anyone with a backpack and comfortable shoes can join this inaugural event. Learn more about ruck at this page

Rucking for Raider..[Auburn 2017]
Nick Morrow CEO & Sgt. Daniel Campbell -Florida

Auburn, AL Ruck For Riders

Last year, I was honored to participate in the first Rucking for Raiders event with one of my fellow marines and a close friend while in the company of great people and my K9 Renzo. it was a very emotional and empowering feeling to realize the impact that we made on the families of the fallen by coming together in a singular cause and mission to raise money for those families. We thank all who donated to this noble cause, and have stood with the families of our warriors. Please go to the link below if you wish to contribute.



1001 Ryland Pike, Unit H, Huntsville AL, 35811